add Wi-Fi to your campaign

Fairway Media Sales offers added exposure to your campaign with the use of Wifi advertising. As laptop and pocket PC users surf the internet at our cafes, the sponsored web pages are occasionally displayed. Nothing is loaded onto their equipment and the frequency of our sponsored pages is controlled and adjustable. In fact, cafe owners can adjust the hours the service is available therefore controlling the time limit customers can be online during busy times. This ensures a constant flow of patrons using the system. As our cafe network grows, so does the number of wireless hot spots we have available.


There are many benefits for the advertiser in using out wifi system.

  • Free technical support to the location owner so corrections and changes are immediate and system downtime is limited.
  • The system is monitored every 60 minutes to insure it is always available.
  • Information about specials and promotions can be added to the system to compliment location marketing, creating a strong reason for patrons to log on.
  • Signage is located at each wifi site to alert patrons to the service.
  • Location providers can customize the technology to suit their location needs - ie adding time limits and time of day access restrictions to insure more visitors to the pages on a daily basis
  • Wifi advertising is 100% measurable.

Ask us for an updated list of wifi locations in your desired markers before booking your next coffee sleeve campaign.

java cup with technology
For additional details on wi-fi check out Fairway Media Sales partner Surfspot Media

Caution Hot AD Advertising on coffee sleeves - a great blend

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