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Marketing Magazine September 29, 2010 Full Article

New OMAC Study puts numbers on out-of-home effectiveness
by Chris Powell

The Out-of-home Marketing Association of Canada (OMAC) has issued a new study it says confirms the value and influence of the medium as well as its ability to impact a variety of advertising categories.

The study found that in the spend/recall performance metric, out-of-home outperformed TV in seven of eight measured categories.

The study found that despite representing a smaller percentage of the total marketing spend in all but one campaign, out-of-home delivered more unduplicated recall than TV in two campaigns. In Toronto, for example, 18% of respondents recalled seeing only out-of-home advertising in the mobile phone category compared with 16% who recalled TV only–despite out-of-home representing just 39% of the spend.

The research also demonstrated how TV and out-of-home can work in harmony, with the combination of the two generating recall rates of 60% or more in all eight categories across the two markets.

Café Paton Statistics

  • Patrons of cafés and coffee shops are likely to be well educated, with graduates and post-graduates all more prominent than in the population at large.
  • In terms of occupations, about 20% are managerial and these people are over 50% more likely to visit coffee shops than the average Canadian.
  • About half of regular visitors have a household income of over $75,000. Total average HH income: $63,000.
  • Visitors to coffee houses and donut shops tent to be 'gender - neutral".
  • They are health conscious as far as diet and exercise more than the general population (18% compared to 13%).


CCAC (Canadian Café Association of Canada)
Coffee Consumer Statistics

  • 81% of Canadians drink coffee occasionally.
  • 63% of adult Canadians drink coffee everyday.
  • 8% of all coffee is consumed in take-out setting.
  • Specialty coffee drinkers are highly brand conscious.
  • Canadian coffee drinkers drink an average of 2.6 cups of coffee per day.
  • Men and women are equally likely to be coffee consumers, with men drinking slightly more coffee than women.
  • Daily coffee consumption varies across the country, from a high of 70% in Quebec to a low of just over 53% in the Atlantic region. Approximately 60% of adults in Ontario , 67% in the Prairies and 61% in BC drink coffee on a daily basis.

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