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Strategy Magazine
February 2010
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strategy magazine

OOH: The ever-evolving medium with staying power
by Annette Bourdeau
Fairway puts your ad in their hands

Does your target group frequent cafés while going about their daily lives? You may want to enlist the services of Fairway Media Sales. The company provides branded coffee sleeves to a targeted network of independent and micro-chain cafes across the country.

“We can put your message in front of your target for 30 minutes or more with no competition,” says Nancy Green, Fairway’s president. Fairway can even attach samples to coffee sleeves, like mints, gum or shampoo. The sleeves are clean and small, so consumers can remove them and take them home to refer to later. Thermo ink applications reveal the message when hot liquid fills the cup.

Fairway hand-delivers the coffee sleeves to its network of cafes across the country. “We have one-on-one relationships with the cafes,” says Green. “They become brand ambassadors for your product.”

Marketing Magazine
Oct 26, 2009
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marketing magazine

Beyond Billboards
by Chris Daniels
Putting ads on everything from hot-drink cups to escalator handrails, OOH marketers find that mundane surfaces can have a major impact

Retailers are always looking for new ways to create buzz for store openings. This summer, beauty retailer Sephora did just that to promote the opening of two new locations, one in Vancouver and another in Coquitlam, B.C.

Sephora, through alternative outdoor media firm Fairway Media Sales, partnered with 61 cafés in the areas surrounding the new stores. When customers ordered a hot drink at the grand opening and for six weeks after, they received a message with–or rather, on–their coffee cup.

Media In Canada
May 29, 2009
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media in canada publication

Second City's coffee sleeve-vertising buzz
by Melita Kuburas

After Erin Peirce, Second City sales and marketing manager, noticed a colleague's coffee sleeve promoting a local theatre in Toronto one morning, she found Fairway Media Sales, a Toronto and Vancouver-based alternative OOH company that works with local shops to place brands on coffee sleeves.

Currently, Second City is in the midst of a branding campaign on the “java jackets” of cups distributed throughout the downtown Toronto core. It's phase two of a three-fleet promo, the last of which will launch in September as a corporate branding campaign for the holiday season, says Peirce.

“When I walk through the PATH to get to work, and I see people carrying the sleeve around - that's successful to me,” Peirce says. But success can also be measured through the number of redemptions of a discount UPC promo on the sleeves, she adds, as well as the fact that the theatre's sales have been steady since last year.

Business in Vancouver
March 27-April 2, 2007
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business in vancouver publication

Believe in the Sleeve
Vancouver marketing firm enjoys soaring revenue growth with coffee cup advertising initiative

here are few places advertisers have yet to mine to grab your attention. Now you can add coffee sleeves and parking lines to the ‘done’ list.

Michelle Herlihy and Nancy Green of Vancouverbased Fairway Media Sales have wrapped millions of cups of coffee across the country with advertisingladen coffee sleeves.


Caution Hot AD Advertising on coffee sleeves - a great blend

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