coffee sleeve campaign distribution

  • Fairway Media Sales takes an active role in overseeing distribution, making last minute adjustments as required to maximize use of your printed message.
  • Each café is given the appropriate number of cases of sleeves to last the duration of your campaign (minimum being a 4 week supply).
  • Cafés are monitored for changes in volume, seasonal changes and closures at the beginning of each campaign (e.g. campus locations or mobile cafés).
  • The data base of active cafés is constantly changing and expanding. The cafés enjoy the benefits of complimentary sleeves. This is a necessary packaging cost for take out coffee establishments using the paper cup.
  • Recruiting of cafés specific to your campaign can be arranged with appropriate lead time. If necessary, a feasibility study will take place to ensure proper distribution can be achieved before entering into a contract.
  • In some cases it is necessary to forward your creative to master franchisees or micro chain head offices and café owners to obtain approval prior to distribution. This ensures that once distribution takes place Fairway Media does not encounter any conflicts.
  • Café lists and mapping will be supplied as required but are for the sole purpose of the specific advertiser they are prepared for and are not to be forwarded or shared.

Caution Hot AD Advertising on coffee sleeves - a great blend

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