Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

Fairway Media Sales can provide your campaign with the addition of Bluetooth wireless technology in conjunction to your coffee sleeve campaign.

Fairway Media works with Bluetooth providers that have networks in many high traffic locations. Locations include; retail, transit, sports and entertainment venues. Messages can now be delivered to a previously untapped media channel - the mobile phone and is 100% measurable.

Bluetooth can deliver your media message in the form of simple still images and text, to more sophisticated media such as video, music, ring tones and games. For events such as corporate parties, conventions and festivals, Bluetooth can be installed temporarily and is easily removed after the event. Maps, coupons, daily event schedules as well as web links to guest speakers etc are a great use of this technology for such events.

Ask Fairway Media for an updated Bluetooth location list before planning your next coffee sleeve campaign.

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Caution Hot AD Advertising on coffee sleeves - a great blend

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