coffee sleeve advertising benefits

  • The sleeve area is perfect for printing and a great opportunity to deliver an advertising message. This unique medium gives you contact with your target - in their personal space.
  • Your distribution can be geographically targeted. In addition, the ambience of a café can help define the demographic of their customer. Examples; sports facilities, mall locations, street front, rapid transit locations, office towers, etc.
  • Your message receives exposure directly to the initial café customer for the length of time taken to consume the beverage; usually 20 to 30 minutes. Compared to a radio or television spot or the length of time it takes to pass traditional outdoor messages, this is lengthy. Even washroom advertising can’t promise you that kind of exposure.
  • Coffee Sleeve advertising is a walking mini billboard. Other people in the vicinity of the coffee shop and the beverage consumer are exposed to the Coffee Sleeve ad. Since many drinks are transported to an office down the street, hallway or elevator the impressions are multiplied.

  • When people are relaxing with a coffee, they are potentially more receptive to your message.
  • The coffee sleeve folds flat, is clean and removable, so individuals can retain the sleeve for easy reference to your product, service or contact numbers. It can even be used as a ballot and drive traffic to a location, or website to “enter to win”.
  • Your message stands alone, not opposite any other ad (as in newspapers or magazines) thus giving you exclusivity that is impossible to achieve with other media. When your message is the only one they see, you receive maximum impact.
  • Fairway Media Sales guarantees that no other advertiser will have exposure in your list of cafés for the length of your campaign.

Caution Hot AD Advertising on coffee sleeves - a great blend

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