coffee sleeve campaign planning and execution

Step 1 Budget

  • Coffee sleeve advertising can start as low as $10,000 (net)
  • This would cover 15-20 cafés over 4 weeks in a single market - approximately 50,000 sleeves (min. campaign length is 4 weeks).
  • The higher the budget, the more cafés you can afford to add, or the longer the campaign you could run with the same number of cafés (the resulting average cost per sleeve also decreases as the number ordered increases).
  • With smaller budgets come some restrictions on creative (please inquire if you are working with a small budget).
  • On the other end of the scale, a large budget can provide coverage in multiple markets using all active cafés in our database.

Step 2 Café List

  • Once the geographic area is selected and the approximate number of cafés required is determined, work begins to compile a preliminary list of suitable cafés, many of which have participated in previous campaigns.
  • The list is fine tuned over several weeks until the final distribution plan is in place. Even at distribution, this may require alterations.
  • The client/agency is part of this process in determining the most suitable locations and café profile they require to reach their demographic.
  • Until there is some level of commitment to move forward, the cafés will not be approached.
  • Fairway Media Sales needs to give cafés a proposed date of execution and the general message the sleeve will carry if we expect them to commit to participating. Timing (seasonality) will also determine the number of cases required in each café for a specific campaign.

Step 3 Creative

  • A template will be provided with all the information you require to prepare and send your art file.
  • Under normal circumstances a campaign with final sign off on creative can be on the street in 6 weeks; however, we will work to meet your deadlines to the utmost of our abilities if you need to execute in less time.
  • Colour matching is generally handled using Pantone or CMYK colours.
  • A discussion of your creative requirements will be necessary during the planning stages.
  • Your creative should be appropriate for establishments serving food and not be controversial.

Step 4 Production

  • Your campaign costs are “all inclusive”.
  • If you had a production budget, most of it can be allocated to adding sleeves and cafés to your campaign.
  • The following is included for the net cost of your campaign: set up and plate charges, printing, gluing, packing, storage (if required), shipping, brokerage charges and U.S. exchange (if applicable), distribution and post analysis reporting.
  • All rates quoted are net and do not include GST.

Step 5 Distribution

  • Your sleeves are distributed using a reputable courier or by Fairway Media personally.
  • Movement of the cases between cafés is sometimes necessary to maximize the correct distribution over the length of the campaign.
  • Fairway Media will ensure that your printed message is used effectively throughout the flight date of your campaign.
  • Time sensitive messages, offers and contests should be identified at the time of booking so that steps can be put in place to recover undistributed sleeves and have them disposed of or returned to the client if necessary. Additional charges will apply.

Step 6 Reporting

  • A post campaign report will be delivered no later than 60 days after the display period ends.
  • This report contains the final details of the distribution of the sleeves by location and any feedback we receive on the impact of the sleeves.
  • In addition, there are photos of the sleeves in use at a sample of cafés.
  • Clients are encouraged to visit participating cafés during the campaign.
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Caution Hot AD Advertising on coffee sleeves - a great blend

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